• V300C24C150AL


• DC input range: 36 - 75V
• Input surge withstand: 100V for 100ms
• DC output: 28V
• Programmable output: 10 to 110%
• Regulation: ±0.3% no load to full load
• Efficiency: 87.5%
• Maximum operating temperature:
100°C at full load
• Power density: 91W/cubic inch
• Height above board: 0.43 in. (10,9 mm)
• Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance
• Low noise ZCS/ZVS architecture

Typical Applications:
telecommunications and distributed power systems

Product Overview
This DC-DC converter module uses
2nd Generation power processing, control
and packaging technologies to provide the
performance, flexibility and cost effectiveness
expected of a mature power component.
For example, a plated-cavity core transformer
couples widely separated primary and
secondary windings, resulting in low in-toout
parasitic capacitance and noise.
High frequency ZCS/ZVS switching,
advanced power semiconductor packaging
and thermal management provide high
power density with low temperature
gradients. Extensive use of silicon
integration results in 1/3 the part count
of a 1st Generation converter.


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